Darlington School: Pre-K to 2 Cottages

Pre-K to 2 Cottages

Our Primary Grades students get their start at Darlington in the cottages located just behind Thatcher Hall. In the first building you will find the pre-K and kindergarten classrooms and next door is where our first and second grade classrooms are located.

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Darlings and Smarties are 100 Days Smarter!

February 5, 2019
Pre-K and kindergarten celebrated the 100th day of school by becoming 100-year-olds!

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Happy Chinese New Year from the Jewels

February 5, 2019
Second-graders celebrated Chinese New Year with Benson and his mom.

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Jewels Celebrate 100th Day of School

February 5, 2019
The Jewels celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing as 100-year-olds, completing a "Crack the Code" activity and 100 STEM challenges.

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ABC Balloon Scavenger Hunt

January 18, 2019
The Smith Smarties pre-K students participated in an ABC balloon scavenger hunt.

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Kim Kilgore Teaches Pre-K About Mammals

January 10, 2019
Mrs. Kim with GA Wildtalk taught pre-K students about mammals and they learned more about beavers, bears and raccoons.

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Christmas Party with the Smarties and Darlings!

December 19, 2018
Our pre-K and kindergarten students gathered together for a joint Christmas party. Thank you to the parents for helping make our Christmas party so wonderful!

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STEAM Holiday Activities

December 12, 2018
The Smith Smarties and Deaton Darlings completed several STEAM Holiday activities with the Upper School Design Thinking class!

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Sinterklaas Visits the Jewels

December 5, 2018
Our second-graders have been studying winter holidays from around the world, especially Christmas. On Wednesday, Dec. 5 the Jewels received a visit from Sinterklaas as they celebrated the Dutch winter holiday.

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1st-Graders Learn About Christmas in England

December 4, 2018
The first-graders have begun learning all about holidays around the world this week. To begin our unit, we invited Coach Becks to come visit the class to teach us all about Christmas in England.

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Pre-K Celebrates First Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2018
Smith Smarties enjoyed learning about the pilgrim's journey to the new world and how the Native Americans helped make them feel welcome in a new land.

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