Darlington School: Thatcher Hall

Thatcher Hall

Thatcher Hall houses Darlington’s Pre-K to 8 students and offers multi-functional learning spaces, band and music instruction areas, outdoor recreation areas, spacious science labs, a beautiful library, and a makerspace.

What's Inside
Johnson-Drummond Amphitheater
Morgan Pavilion
Pre-K to 8 Director's Office
Pre-K to 8 Student Life
Pre-K to 8 Counseling
Johnson Assembly Hall | Dining Hall
Ledbetter Commons
Yancey Library
Pre-K to 8 Teaching and Learning Center
Charlie Davidson Field

Building History

Thatcher Hall was constructed in 2009 and is highly energy efficient and LEED certified.

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4th Grade Valentine's Party

February 14, 2019
Our fourth-graders enjoyed spending time together during their Valentine's Day party.

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ABC Fashion Show

February 14, 2019
The Smith Smarties pre-K students have learned their ABCs and they put on a Valentine's Day fashion show to demonstrate what they've learned... in style.

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Kindness Week

February 5, 2019
In lieu of kindness week, Ms. Bradshaw's advisory boys made thank you baskets for Mrs. Payne and Ms. April.

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3rd-5th Grade Super Bowl Explo

February 1, 2019
Super Bowl LIII will be held in Atlanta, Ga. on Feb. 3, 2019. In this week's rotation for 3-5 exploratory, the students learned about the history of the the Super Bowl.

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5th Grade Explo Escape

February 1, 2019
The fifth grade students worked in pairs to "unlock" a digital code in Hawaii. The codes were all centered around reviewing decimal place value, rounding, adding and subtracting.

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Board of Trustees Senior Dinner

January 28, 2019
Members of Darlington's Board of Trustees sponsored a dinner in honor of the Class of 2019 in conjunction with their winter meeting.

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"Snow Day" for Grades 3-5

January 22, 2019
Students in grades 3-5 were treated to a surprise "snow day" exploratory by their teachers. The students enjoyed fun and games as well as STEM activities connected to a typical snow day.

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January 19, 2019
RUMPUS Lip Sync was a hit as usual with all houses bringing their "A-Game." 

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4th Grade Creates "Stained Glass" Trees

January 18, 2019
Fourth-graders learned about how stained glass is made and then created beautiful faux stained glass trees using analogous color schemes.

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Eighth-grader wins spelling bee

January 16, 2019
After several rounds of intense competition, eighth-grader Parker Scott won the Thatcher Hall Spelling Bee on Jan. 16 by correctly spelling the words “sepia” and “clavicle.”  

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