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Preston Jacobs '07

Former Faculty

Preston (’07) has taught history and psychology at Darlington since 2012 and also serves as sports events coordinator. As such, he is the administrator of the Superfan athletics app. Preston holds a B.A. in History and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('11), where he was a member of the varsity crew team. As a Darlington student, he was a captain of the varsity crew team as well as a member of the varsity swimming and cross country teams. He also served as the first head prefect of Moser House. Preston lives on campus with is wife Michael, a librarian at the Upper School, and is a member of the Neville House duty staff.

College Education
B.A. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Olympic Swimmer Visits With Swim Team

Athletics | Preston Jacobs '07 , February 1, 2017
Olympian Steve Lundquist visited the Darlington and visiting Rome's swim team to share some stories and insight into the mind of a legend.

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Psychology Students Visit Pre-K Through 2nd to Learn About Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development

Academic Administration | Preston Jacobs '07 , January 13, 2017
Mr. Jacobs first and seventh period classes visited the pre-K and kindergarten classes and then the second-graders to test whether Piaget's theory on cognitive development stages was correct.

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SuperFan Semester Recap

Athletics | Preston Jacobs '07 , December 16, 2016
First semester leaderboard, successes and updates.

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Defining Our Sense of Taste

Academic Administration | Preston Jacobs '07 , November 8, 2016
Mr. Jacobs' Psychology classes got a lesson on sensory interaction between smell and taste from Dining Services director Jeff Beard.

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Superfan Update for Homecoming

Student Life | Preston Jacobs '07 , October 18, 2016
There are a ton of updates for great things at Darlington including winners of great prizes.

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Superfan App Leaders: First 100s Claimed

Athletics | Preston Jacobs '07 , September 2, 2016
With the first few weeks of school under our belts, Darlington is extremely pleased to showcase some of our awesome Superfans! If you don't already know, Darlington Superfan is an app for iPhone and Android devices that rewards members of the community for attending events.

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Professional Development Spotlight: Project Connect & Interdisciplinary Opportunities in Teaching History

Academic Administration | Preston Jacobs '07 , July 6, 2016
On June 8, Kelly McDurmon and I traveled to Asheville, N.C., to attend the Project Connect conference. The focus of the conference was not just to show what the Asheville School was doing, but to showcase the theories behind interdisciplinary work.

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Groover ('17), Hunt ('17) named to All-Star state lacrosse team

May 18, 2016
Juniors William Groover and Joe Hunt have been honored with spots on the 2016 Georgia Lacrosse All-Star Team. The athletes will join varsity players from 94 teams across the state at a special match this Saturday in Marietta.

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Ancient World History Projects

Academic Administration | Preston Jacobs '07 , April 28, 2016
Mr. Jacobs' Freshman Ancient World History students learned what some of the most important inventions/discoveries were before 1400.

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If History Were a Game ... Would You Win?

Ancient World History | Preston Jacobs '07 , February 17, 2016
Last block period, my Ancient World History students played in a hypothetical game. This was not a board game or an online game, but a thinking game. Every decision they made had real consequences for the success of their fictional family and nation.

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