Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Faculty, staff members recognized for years of service, outstanding work
Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Rome, GA
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Faculty, staff members recognized for years of service, outstanding work

May 19, 2020 | 1160 views

Darlington School honored outstanding faculty and staff members at the final faculty meeting, hosted via Google Meet, today. These awards are typically presented at the Brown Faculty Appreciation Dinner, hosted annually by the Board of Trustees, and Honors Day. 

The following faculty and staff members were recognized for their anniversaries: Cristy Baldwin, Shelley Daniel, Kaitlin Ward, Lindsay Woods, Julia Douglas ('07), Matt Larry, Elisabeth Lawson, Derek Fine, Becca Wood, Kim Hawkins, Beth Wardlaw, 5 years; Christie Atkins, Paul Bell, Darcy Liddle, Gregg Marshall, Steve McConnell, Matthew Peer, Jennifer Sikes, Julie Fine, 10 years; Leslie Finley ('85), Bebe Cline, Jody Deaton, Eddie Guth, Virginia Guth ('79), 15 years; Wendy Payne, John Cox, Jan Harrison, Randy Smith, 20 years; Kevin Ivester, 25 years; Kathy O'Mara, 35 years

An Edward M. Beachum ('63) Master Teacher Award was presented to Cristy Baldwin, chair of the world languages department. The is award honors a member of the faculty who has accomplished something exceptional in his or her teaching, devoting time beyond the call of duty to students and to the teaching profession. This accomplishment may be in the form of extraordinary efforts to build student character or in the form of innovative programs. Established in 2004 by Mary (McCamy) Beachum (’63T), Robert A. Beachum (’94) and Julia Beachum, the Edward N. Beachum (’63) Master Teacher Award honors the Darlington alumnus and faculty member (1972-1989).

The George W. Awsumb Faculty Award was presented to Matt Enderle, Upper School math teacher. Established anonymously in 1999 by a Darlington alumnus, the Awsumb Award is presented to a faculty member who exemplifies a personal commitment to the education and well-being of the superior and average student alike. This commitment is demonstrated by the unselfish desire of the faculty member to instruct and challenge students in both a professional and enthusiastic manner and by the ability of the faculty member to raise the overall level of education and quality of life at Darlington. The commitment is further demonstrated by the unselfish giving of time and energy to many diverse extracurricular activities and by the ability of the faculty member to empower his or her students with self-confidence and instill in them the desire to learn while not only at Darlington, but also for a lifetime. The award is given in the spirit of George W. Awsumb, Darlington faculty member from 1962-2009.

An R.M. Yankee Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Melissa Smyly, Upper School English teacher. This award is given to honor Helen B. and Richard M. Yankee for 46 years of faithful service to Darlington. Nominated by the members of the four bodies of student leadership, the recipient is a faculty member who represents the ideals of scholarship, commitment, and dedication to young people both in and out of the classroom. 

An Oscar Betts ('19) Master Teacher Award was presented to Al Shorey, chair of the math department. Nominated by members of the graduating class, this award recognizes the outstanding achievements and performance teacher from any division with a cash award.

James Douglas Brown Jr. Faculty Awards were presented to Kristen Bell, Pre-K to 8 learning specialist; Jennifer Collins, content manager in the Communication Office; Doug Hamil, head of Moser House; and Bebe Zazzaro, Pre-K to 8 counselor. Nominated by colleagues, a Brown Award recipient is one who has served the school well, in a competent and skillful manner, and one who has an interest in and a dedication to his or her work with the school and with the students. Brown Awards are endowed by Mr. and Mrs. James Douglas Brown of Ozark, Ala., in memory of their son, James Douglas Brown Jr.

Departing faculty and staff members were also recognized, including Rene Blackburn, Jon Callahan, Chris Williams and Lindy Williams.