Darlington School: Private Boarding School in Georgia Upper School Students: Staying Connected with Instagram Challenges
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Upper School Students: Staying Connected with Instagram Challenges

Doug Hamil | April 10, 2020 | 565 views

The other day I was thinking about how different our current health crisis would have been if it had occurred in 1981, my senior year of high school. Heck, I didn’t own my first personal computer until around 1988. How lucky are we to have the tools available to us today? With just a few clicks students from all around the globe can join their teacher in a virtual classroom. We’ve all done a great job over the past two weeks adopting this new way of life to ensure that learning continues. Now it’s time to add a little bit of fun back into our routine.

To keep us all socially connected, the Heads of House will post a weekly Instagram challenge. We might encourage you to upload your best Renegade dance video, or to send us a video of yourself lip-syncing a song; maybe we’ll just ask to see a photo of your pets. We just want to have a little fun. 

We know some of you may look at this as one more thing to add to your schedule. To help motivate you, we have designed a reward system called Paw Points. Every time you complete one of these weekly challenges and email them to your Head of House, you'll earn one point. Accumulate a handful of points and whenever we return you will be able to exchange them for privileges like free dress days and other fun stuff:

  1. Free Dress Day – 5 Points
  2. 1-Day Trippeer Parking Pass – 7 Points
  3. 1-Week Trippeer Parking Pass – 25 Points
  4. Demerit Eraser – 5 Points
  5. Head of House does your chore for a night – 15 Points
  6. House Food Night – 40 Points (Students can combine points)

Is this still not enough to encourage you to join the fun? What is more fun than a bit of friendly competition against the other Houses? The House that earns the most Paw Points will win a cookout to celebrate its dominance. Think of it as a virtual RUMPUS event...

Stay safe and healthy.

We will see you all as soon as possible.

Play along!

In order to earn points, Upper School students will need to post their photo or video to Instagram, tag @DarlingtonSchool in your post, and email the photo or video to their Head of House!