Darlington School: Design Thinking Shark Tank: Solving Problems for Teenagers
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Design Thinking Shark Tank: Solving Problems for Teenagers

Ian Hankinson | May 14, 2019 | 80 views

The question the Upper School design thinking class recently had to answer was "How might we solve a common problem and/or improve the lives of teenagers?"

We worked in pairs and developed a proposal, marketing plan, a print advertisement, and a prototype. We had to present our ideas using a variety of persuasive techniques. The “Sharks” were our classmates, and they had $100,000 available to invest in a new idea that would benefit teenagers or improve their lives in some way. 

The entire project started with the ideation process. Partners completed a list of teenage interests and then problems. We worked to narrow our lists and focus on one problem. I have provided the product names and descriptions below:

Outfit of the Day (OOTD)
Do you dread shopping for clothes because you have to try on outfits? This app allows users to try on outfits, accessories, and hairstyles easily. Users upload a full body image and personal information such as height, weight, and clothes and shoe sizes. When you are shopping, you can take a screenshot of an item and the then upload it to the app to see it on your image! A 360 degree angle photo will be created. You can also add the photo to social media to receive advice from friends. 

The Doze Craft (this was my product!)
This brain sensing device allows you to control any computer with your mind. It allows part of the brain to rest while you use only what you need to complete a task on the computer.

The Smart Lighter
This product is an electric lighter that controls the amount of times you can use it per day. If you are trying to quit smoking (which you definitely should) this lighter can be set to give you encouraging messages and to only light once a day if needed. 

No More Nic
The No More Nic pill can be taken if you want to quit using products with nicotine in them. If you take this pill, you will become physically ill when you put any nicotine into your body. This product should be used to end an addiction to nicotine. 

Time Out Watch
This watch is designed to shut down social media apps on your phone for a specific amount of time so you can take a break. So many teenagers are addicted to their phones and social media, and taking the phone away does not always work. This watch would be programmed to completely shut down all social media apps so people can use their time more wisely! 

The Juuliminator
Did you know one Juul pod contains 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine? This product contains 10 pods, and the amount of nicotine decreases in each. The final pod has no nicotine in it and only contains vapor. Therefore, teenagers can still appear to be Juuling, but they are not putting nicotine into their body. The Juuliminator allows the user to wean off of Juuling in a gradual way. 

Friends Don’t Let Friends Text and Drive
This customized phone case immediately freezes a phone when someone is driving a car. The case comes in a variety of colors and is the best product on the market to keep teen drivers safe!

Sleep Stimulator
Teens frequently have issues with getting enough sleep. This product is used to help you fall asleep and stay asleep until you are ready to wake up for the day. You place pads on designated places around your head, and electric waves stimulate your brain to sleep!