Darlington School: Pre-k to 8th grade Fall Food Drive Project 
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Pre-k to 8th grade Fall Food Drive Project

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 | By Bebe Zazzaro | 120 views

The 3rd- 8th grade service committee learned there are many kids in Rome who would not have someone at home or to pick them up right after school. Their parents or caregivers work later than the school day. Many of these families struggle to put food on the table. The YMCA provides after school care for many families in need. Children who go to the YMCA after school program are given a snack, a safe place to play, homework support, and a warm dinner. Many of these families are also given food to take home so that they can cook meals on the weekends for their children. The YMCA made a list of canned foods that these families commonly ask for on a weekly basis. The service committee decided that for their fall service project the Pre-K to 8th grade would collect canned food good for the YMCA. The service committee made signs, announced the drive, collected, counted and delivered over 600 cans of food to the YMCA. We are so grateful to all the families and students that supported the food drive. Together in true tiger fashion, we were able to help lots of children and families in need.