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Darlington Connects: Dr. Grant Muller (’04)

Vicki Vincent | September 16, 2022 | 164 views

We're excited to connect with our alumni through our Darlington Connects series. Today, we hear from Dr. Grant Muller ('04), an orthopedic surgeon who has helped start a medical software company called GaleAI.

Dr. Grant Muller (‘04) is a self-professed "I.T. nerd." His mother loves to tell the story of him being pulled out of his fourth-grade class at Darlington to go help another teacher fix her computer. Having spent his entire childhood academic career at Darlington, Grant credits his love of learning and passion for computers and technology to his Darlington experience. 

“I loved all my teachers at Darlington. I don’t think I can pick a favorite,” he said. He mentioned several Darlington legends including Neville, Paxton, Powell, Buice, specifically, and a few of the modern legends as well, Eady, Ivester ('87), Sweeny and Kinney, as all impacting his life. Grant was a campus leader, serving on the Disciple Committee, as House Senate president, and a varsity soccer player all four years. These experiences taught him ethics, tenacity and confidence to pursue his passions. 

Grant hasn’t been focused on technology until recently. He pursued medicine after Darlington and attended the University of Georgia for undergrad. He went on to Emory University for medical school and interned at the University of Kentucky. He then continued his residency at UT-Houston and a fellowship in Miami and Sydney, Australia, to become an orthopedic surgeon. 

As a young surgeon working in Texas, Grant loved interacting with patients and performing surgery to help improve their lives; however, he and the office staff spent a lot of time behind the scenes on the billing process and complying with insurance rules. This often led to missing vital codes that impacted the reimbursement process. This made him think there must be a better way, and that’s when he decided to blend his two passions together. 

Grant has partnered with two other orthopedic surgeons to co-found a software company called GaleAI that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to drive more accurate, efficient, and automatic coding. This startup company has created a tool to help doctors take back some power in their practices. They are growing rapidly, incorporating into hospitals, academic centers, and professional societies across the country. The future is exciting. 

Grant hasn’t lost his passion for surgery, though. He still performs surgeries one week a month, traveling all over the country, and said when he’s in the operating room he loves what he does. “It’s the best to be able to pursue both my passions for a living, and I get to see all different parts of the U.S.,” he said. 

Grant would love to connect with others in the Darlington Community to discuss his new company, his work in medicine, and his work in I.T. If you would like to connect with Grant, please email connect@darlingtonschool.org.

Are you a member of Darlington Community (or do you know one) with an interesting career or community involvement? We'd love to spotlight you in a future blog! Please email connect@darlingtonschool.org if you are interested in being featured.