Darlington School: Darlington Connects: Kris Kim ('01)
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Darlington Connects: Kris Kim (’01)

Carson Raymond | February 17, 2021 | 130 views

We're excited to connect with our alumni through our Darlington Connects series. Today we hear from Kris Kim (’01), a Technical Account Manager with UiPath in Atlanta, GA.

From his time on campus to present, Kris has enjoyed an engaging career in IT while raising his family in Greater Atlanta. Let’s rewind to August of 2000. When Kris Kim arrived at Darlington at the beginning of the 2000/2001 academic year to embark on his senior year, he was enrolled at his fifth high school in four years. Kris’ family relocated often due to his father’s work with the Army, and he was keen on completing high school in a residential community. As his father’s work brought their family to Atlanta, the stars aligned for Kris to attend Darlington.

During his time at Darlington, Kris was a member of the lacrosse team, was an avid computer science student, and lived in what was formerly known as Zimmer House. He recalls his time at Darlington quite fondly and said that his favorite teacher was Mr. Rick Buice. Kris was a student in Mr. Buice’s AP Computer Science class, which focused heavily on programming. Mr. Buice recalls Kris being a “very studious and polite young man.” It’s apparent that Mr. Buice’s class inspired Kris, as Kris pursued computer science studies at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU).

Upon graduating from SPSU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, he served as a computer technician for Care Technologies. Over the years, Kris has experienced a breadth of IT roles, from working with hardware to writing code. He’s served as a software engineer, an IT consultant, and a technical services engineer for a variety of organizations in metro Atlanta. Presently, he works as a Technical Account Manager for UiPath, the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company.

While reflecting on his tenure at UiPath, Kris shared that he “started with implementing and training at data centers. Now, I guide customers and partners with best practices, and I train customers to develop, deploy, and maintain their RPA projects for long term success.”

As Kris’ experience and expertise in IT products is quite robust, he generously provided a layman’s description of UiPath’s primary products as “data robots.” He further explained that UiPath is in the business of automation. "We have contracts with a variety of entities across the globe," he said. "Domestically, for example, we work with state and local governments. We even have an alliance with universities, that allows them to use our products free of charge.”

After nearly two decades working in IT, Kris’ acumen for IT solutions is both impressive and expansive.

When not in the throes of automation, product platform roadmaps, or code optimization sessions, Kris stays busy with his family. He and his wife, Bing, are the proud parents of two: Logan and Kumi. They’ve visited campus often as a family in recent years, as Kris’ son, Logan, has competed multiple times in the annual ‘Tri for Kids’ triathlon. It was wonderful learning about Kris’ two-decade journey in IT since he graduated from Darlington, and we are both proud, and thankful, that Kris spent his final year of high school by the Lakeside. Well wishes, Kris, for continued successes, and we hope to connect again soon.

Kris shared that he’d be happy to chat with any Darlington student or alum interested in the realm of IT. To connect with Kris, please email connect@darlingtonschool.org.

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