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Alumni to Follow: Caitlin Davidson (’07)

Becca Wood | April 27, 2020 | 1363 views

Alumni to Follow is a blog series that features interviews with a variety of Darlington alumni about their careers in blogging, social media, music, art, and more and how you can follow them. 

Today's post features Caitlin Davidson (’07), an entrepreneur and the creator of "Fit To Entertain".

Tell us about Fit to Entertain and your business.

Do you ever find yourself looking for entertaining tips or someone to host your next private party? Have you ever considered hiring a personal chef for a family reunion, bachelorette or cocktail party? Are you tired of the same recipes you’ve used time and again? From local meal delivery and meal planning, to private events, grazing boards and cooking classes, Fit to Entertain is here to serve your healthy living needs.

If there’s one thing that was passed down from generations before in my family, it’s a love for cooking. Whether I’m preparing for a cocktail party of 75 or simply cooking dinner with my fiance, there is a joy that’s hard to put into words. Food is an experience, and my passion is making it a healthy one. I have had many conversations with clients and guests about their shock in both the presentation and what was used to curate a healthier version of the foods they love. 

My goals and dreams all serve one purpose - to teach others that food can be both healthy and delicious. Fit to Entertain is a platform that is meant to serve - both literally and figuratively.  

How did you get started or come up with the idea for Fit to Entertain?

My life as an entrepreneur began when I started a cookie business before I was old enough to put the tray in the oven - and let’s just say things have come full circle. With more than 15 years in the industry, entertaining has always been at my core - even dating back to my time at Darlington!

Over the years, and as I began to spend more time in the kitchen, people would ask for recipes. In 2014 I launched a blog, and that was that! For a self-taught chef, I could never have imagined the opportunities that would find me. My greatest joy is serving others through healthy and delicious food, so why not combine my passion for healthy living and entertaining? 

What is your greatest career accomplishment?

My greatest career accomplishment honestly came before Fit to Entertain even existed. Almost three years ago I accepted a job as a private chef for a group of 40 women on a retreat. Little did they know, I had never executed an event of this magnitude, let alone remotely - cooking three meals a day for that many people! Who knew that a little “fake it till you make it” would result in fueling a fire inside me to pursue a dream I didn’t particularly know existed at the time?

Can you share any of your easy recipes, tips or tricks for people managing life at home during this time?

As we all are experiencing and adjusting to this new norm of life at home, my biggest piece of advice is for your kitchen to only be open when it’s mealtime. Trying to keep the kiddos (or yourself) from snacking too much? Create a daily snack board for the family (or individual boxes on the counter for each person). Once that’s gone, no more sneaking into the cabinets! New habits are formed in a little less than a month - have you used this time to create a new healthy habit? If not, I challenge you to start today!

Okay, let’s talk about the good stuff - recipes! Step out of your comfort zone and use this time to get creative! I want to share one of my favorite recipes that tends to be a crowd pleaser - Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Squash with Homemade Ranch

If you’d rather start simple, you can try my homemade Grain Free Granola recipe by clicking here. I am also hosting weekly Virtual Cooking Classes on Thursday evenings - join me and learn something new each week!  

Anything else you want to know about you?

I would love for people to know that I have traveled all over the southeast to work. Whether it’s a family reunion at the beach, bachelorette party, holiday cocktail, or even graduation parties - I love serving those outside of my local Savannah market!

Darlington’s Motto is “Wisdom more than Knowledge, Service beyond Self, and Honor above Everything.” What ways have you applied the motto to your life?

As many have heard me say over the years, my experience at Darlington was a bit different than most would likely say about their high school years. Simply stated - Darlington is a family. 

“Wisdom more than Knowledge” - What I have experienced in my thirty one years has drastically molded me into the person I am today. While there are things I would change if given the opportunity, most I would not. My experiences, decisions, and relationships are what I have to thank for my character. It’s each of those things that I firmly believe gave me the confidence, drive, and passion for pursuing my dreams. 

“Service Beyond Self” - This is why I am where I am, both personally and professionally. My business is built on service, and I can see where it continues to change and mold me with each passing day. 

“Honor above Everything” - I am constantly asking myself how I can serve my clients - my friends - my family better. Day in and day out, I am serving others through the gift of health - how can I continue to do that? With every event I execute, every meal I deliver, or each class I teach - I always try and find a way to go above and beyond. 

We always say the DarWorld is a small world. Do you ever come across Darlington connections with your work?

Absolutely! Whether working directly with, getting referrals from, or even meeting new Darlington connections as a result of the avenue I am in, DarWorld is definitely a small world!

Tell us how people can follow you.

People can follow me on Instagram (@fit.to.entertain), Facebook (facebook.com/fittoentertainllc), or on my website (www.fittoentertain.com) - where they can subscribe and be the first to receive exclusive content and event information.

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