Darlington School: Chapel Talk: A Reflection on the Vesper Prayer
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Chapel Talk: A Reflection on the Vesper Prayer

Jennifer Collins | March 26, 2020 | 272 views

Morris Chapel - Photo by Becks Nolin

At 9 a.m. on most Thurday mornings, Upper School students at Darlington typically gather together to reflect during their weekly chapel service. This week things are quite different as our students are learning from their homes and teachers are connecting with them through Google Hangouts and a variety of digital methods.

We felt that it was important to still hold a space each week for reflection and connection with one another, so each week we will continue to bring you a chapel message. 

This week's chapel talk comes to you from Head of School Brent Bell. He shares a reflection on Darlington's Vesper Prayer which was written many years ago by former Headmaster and President of Darlington, Dr. Ernest L. Wright. 

The Darlington Vesper Prayer

Composed by Dr. Ernest L. Wright

Headmaster (1920-1954) and President (1954-1963)

OUR FATHER - We thank Thee for Thy Son, the Christ, whom we may worship in comradeship together and in the secret places of the heart. As He grew, so let us grow - in mind, in body, in spirit, and in the capacity for human friendship.

Open our eyes to see the truth, strengthen our wills to do the right, and give us courage to stand in the hour of danger and against the criticism of our comrades.

Touch our hearts with reverence for sacred things, and add the grace of humor to our lives. Forgive us for the wrong that we have done and for the good that we have left undone.

God make us kind to others both in our thoughts and in our deeds.

Grant that we may reason without prejudice, oppose without malice, excel without conceit, and fail without despair.

Give to each a task to do and strength to do it well. Grant us ideals worthy of our striving; and when hurt by life's realities, let there be no loss of faith in ideals we have set, in human kind, nor in ourselves.

We pray Thee, Lord, look tenderly on those we love; grant no act of ours shall touch with sorrow loving hearts or shame the name we bear. Grant in Thy mercy health to the sick, food for the hungry, shelter for the cold, calm for the troubled in spirit, and rest for the weary.

Make us clean in body and mind, loyal to every trust, and unafraid.

May we hold in deep respect our own honor and the fair name of Alma Mater.

Grant that through us no harm may come to anyone, nor to the least of God's creatures. May Thy will be done on earth, and to this end may we worship in the lives we live as well as in the words we speak. In the name of Christ we pray. Amen.