Darlington School: A Great Big List of Fun Activities to do at Home
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A Great Big List of Fun Activities to do at Home

Jennifer Collins | March 17, 2020 | 233 views

More time at home means that you are probably looking for a variety of fun ways to pass the time with your family. We asked our teachers for some fun ideas of things to do and they have provided some great ideas! We'll keep adding to this list as more ideas are shared. 

Enjoy this great big list of fun activities to do at home!

  • Write letters to family members, friends, and teachers so they can receive encouragement in the mail. 
  • Put together a family playlist on Spotify and dance! 
  • Discover the wonders of backyard biodiversity through macrophotography and videography. Do a little research on your smartphone camera and the editing software on your computer...then go outside! 
  • Try out new recipes and cook together as a family. 
  • Create an in-home obstacle course. 
  • Play in the mud! Put on your rain boots and stomp around in the puddles. 
  • Do some yoga with an online instructor.  
  • Have a read-aloud story hour. 
  • Run a fantasy game (or any other game) with your friends from around the world!  
  • Tackle some home improvement projects. 
  • Make paper airplanes. 
  • Learn a new card game. 
  • Read lots of books. 
  • Work on puzzles together. 
  • Build something with LEGO. 
  • Make slime!  
  • Do a scavenger hunt (inside or outside). 
  • Put on a puppet show. 
  • Let the students become the teachers! Students, teach your parents something that you’re learning in class. Even math!
  • Have Google Hangouts or FaceTime chats with your friends. 
  • Find a topic you’re curious about and learn something new about that topic each day. 
  • Plant a garden. 
  • Build a HUGE sheet fort. 
  • Go for a hike. 
  • Make a scrapbook or journal. 
  • Learn fun dances on GoNoodle!
  • Finger paint. 
  • Declutter your closet. 
  • Learn how to knit. 
  • Learn origami. 
  • Color. 
  • Make a time capsule. 
  • Build a castle out of a deck of cards. Knock it over. Do it again. 
  • Put on a play. 
  • Learn how to sew. 
  • Make some friendship bracelets and mail them to your friends. 
  • Play hide and seek. 
  • Explore your yard and see what’s blooming (or getting ready to). 
  • Dance along with your favorite videos on YouTube. 
  • Play with sidewalk chalk outside. 
  • Get some binoculars and learn about the birds near your house. 
  • Take your kids on virtual rides around Disney World and Disneyland!