Darlington School: Fine arts awards presented at annual assembly
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Fine arts awards presented at annual assembly

April 23, 2019 | 514 views

The following awards were presented at Darlington’s annual Fine Arts Awards Assembly in Morris Chapel on Monday, April 22: 
 Band Awards 
Woodwind Achievement Award: Tammy Yan
Brass Achievement Award: Tom Guo
Percussion Achievement Award: Amelia Allen
Outstanding Contributions in Concert Band: Morgan Ivester
Outstanding Contributions in Stadium Band: Lewie Camp and Alli Hagler
Outstanding Contributions in Winter Musical Pit Orchestra: Steven Yan and Cooper Cates
9 Years of Continuous Instrumental Service: Amelia Allen, Ram Miniyar, Tejas Reddy
Orchestra Awards
Outstanding Achievement in Orchestra: Lee Lee Barnes, Gracie Temple
Outstanding Contribution in Orchestra: Jack Eady, Maggie Inman, Andy Brunt, Lawson Blake, Lewie Camp, Ingrid Wu 
Choral Awards
Concert Choir Spirit Award: Lily Porterfield, Soprano; Raechel Irby, Alto; Sam Feng, Tenor; Hogan Guo, Bass
Men's Ensemble Spirit Award: Charlie Bell, Michael Peng
Ladies Ensemble Spirit Award: Kathryn Davidson, Kia Stocks
Visual Arts Awards
Congressional Art Competition Participants: Leelee Barnes, Lauren Larimer-Swann, Zoe Rahn, Victoria Sun, Elva Wang, August Wayt; George Zhang: Honorable Mention and Second Place
Media Arts Awards
Excellence in Inkslinger Contributions: Arnold Miao - Poetry; Flynn Flaherty - Non-Fiction; Tammy Yan - Artwork; Olivia Barfield - Photography
Excellence in Darlingtonian Contributions: Marissa Joseph - Writing; Grace Lester - Writing
Excellence in Jabberwokk Contributions: Grace Wagshul - Copy; Alexander Greene - Photography
Theatre Awards
Heart of the Darlington Players Award: Ellen Jiang
Outstanding Theatre Crew Member: Sharon Sun
Outstanding Theatre Sophomore: Daria Black
Outstanding Theatre Junior: Michael Hall & Abby Burris
Outstanding Theatre Senior: Tejas Reddy
Best Ensemble Actress: Giulia Verzino
Best Ensemble Actor: Grayson Davis
Best Supporting Actress: Leelee Barnes
Best Supporting Actor: Nick Powell
Honor Societies
National Art Honor Society: Kathryn Chunn, Zoe Dillmon, Lily Fowler, Ena Hill, Natalie Horah, Amelia Hoyt, Tara Kirkby, Lauren Larimer-Swann, Tenniya Martin, Cappie May, Makiya Mayes, Rene McCoy, Jill Patel, Moye Ponnle, Trinity Pyle, Tate Roberts, Spencer Shadday, Elle Smith, Victoria Sun, Jean Wang, Bea Zuloaga-Garcia
Tri-M Music Honor Society: Will Bowman, Lewie Camp, Cooper Cates, Savannah Corbin, Bella Cox, Avery Duncan, Frances Fields, Sophie Jin, Marin Kinsey, Frank Manning, William McClain, Chandler Pittman, Lily Porterfield, Brighley Powell, Madison Rogers, Knox Sirmans, Camille Temple, Steven Yan, Abigail Yerke
International Thespian Society
New Society Initiates: Grace Lester, Frances Fields, Rhema Onyia, Alfred Dai, Alexander Greene, Madison Rogers, Tanya Maples, Melisa Devidas, Steven Yan, Mason Zanone, Grayson Davis, Elliot Luitwieler, Brock Lignell, Kathryn Davidson, Ben Scarbrough, Mary Prusakowski
2 Star Society Initiates: Gabriel Zuloaga, Hannah Willerson, Neal Yin, Owen Payne

New Levels for Members
Two-star Thespians: Chloe Duck, Sharon Sun, Daria Black
Three-star Thespians: Aaryn Ijames, Trang Khuc, Sophie Jin, Caleb Baldwin, Abigail Yerke, Olivia Barfield, Leigh Barnes, Will Bowman
Four-star Thespians: Tammy Yan, Amy Kim, Amelia Allen, Giulia Verzino, Michael Hall, Amber Fields, Abby Burris 
Five-star Thespians: MaTyah Jackson, Olivia Harper, Morgan Ivester, Nick Powell
Six-star Thespians: Ellen Jiang, Kathryn Chunn, Maggie Inman, Tejas Reddy
The Fine Arts Booster Club also presented the Athlene Forsyth Award to Kimberly Human, music teacher for grades pre-K to 8. The Athlene Forsyth award is given by the Fine Arts Booster Club to a member of the Darlington community who has made a significant contribution to the arts and is nominated and chosen by the booster club board. 
Click here to view a photo gallery from the assembly.