Darlington School: Dominican Republic Service Trip Update: Welcome to Ascala!!
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Dominican Republic Service Trip Update: Welcome to Ascala!!

Jennifer Rundles | November 17, 2018 | 300 views

24 students and four chaperones headed to the Dominican Republic during Thanksgiving Break to learn about the culture of the different communities in the country and to work on service projects in some of the communities as well. Throughout the trip we will hear from students as they share about their experiences abroad. 

As we rushed to board our flight with four seconds left on the clock (literally), we quickly took our seats, and three long hours later, we arrived in Punta Cana. Our first impressions: how laid back and nonchalant Customs in the DR are in comparison to the U.S. After meeting our tour guides and feasting on some delicious, but different, pizza, we were off to Ascala (where we would be staying). Our road trip was filled with motorcycles and dangerous driving; other than that, we arrived without a hitch in our travels. At Ascala, the afternoon and evening consisted of “rules talks”, card games, and taking frequent naps. The best part though was the comradery formed through the thoughts of our missed family members, dinner conversations, and ice cold showers. As we wind down this evening, Burke wanted to share a thought of his: At home, every night streetlights illuminate our neighborhoods and roads, making it easy to see and navigate and keeping us safe. But as we looked from the Ascala balcony at the village in front of us, all we could see was sheer darkness. There were no lights in the homes, the fields, and certainly not in the nearby streets. 

As each day passes, it can be easy to forget about how blessed all of us at Darlington are. But as Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to remind you to count your blessings, even the little ones, and to tell all those you love how thankful you are for them. With that being said, we hope everyone has a happy, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving. We will keep you updated with all the events of the upcoming week!

-Andy Brunt and Burke Schrimsher

-P.S.- My phone broke, but I’m ok mom and dad, (no need to worry)! -Andy