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Alumni Weekend: Reflections From a 20th Reunion Host

Becca Wood | October 10, 2017 | 1260 views

As Alumni Weekend approaches, Trip Booker ('96) shares his thoughts on the annual event and hosting his 20th reunion in 2016.

Tell us about your 20th reunion last year.

The class of 1996/20th reunion was a great experience. I look forward to No. 25!
Did you enjoy planning the Class of 1996's 20th reunion party?

Yes, but would have failed miserably without the assistance of my awesome wife, Ali Booker; classmate, Brooke Irby ('96); Becca Wood and Julie Lucas ('97) from Darlington; Seasons Catering; and the many other great people in the Darlington Community.
What was the best memory from Alumni Weekend?

The shock yet very special feeling that I felt when I realized that 20 years had passed since I had last seen many of my classmates. This feeling immediately transitioned to memories of old times and really great times together.
Why is it important to attend?

Show up, see your old friends and support Darlington School. Attending Alumni Weekend will (if needed) rekindle your appreciation for Darlington and the great school that it has been for over 100 years ... Please join us and be reminded of what you enjoyed while you attended Darlington.

Who was your favorite person you saw during Alumni Weekend?

Jim Dudley. Jim was/is a great friend that I had lost contact with. Jim has accomplished some really incredible things for many people. It was great to learn what he has accomplished personally and professionally.
If someone is undecided about attending their class party, what would you tell them?

I was away on a business trip the Friday night of our 20th reunion and missed the football game. I really regret this and cannot go back in time so I am stuck with this regret! Return to Darlington and attend all parts of this great event. If you do not; I assure you that you will regret it.

Join us at Alumni Weekend Oct. 13-15 -- yes, that's THIS weekend! Simply click here to register.