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Upper School Spanish Teacher


Posted December 10, 2021
10-Month Full-Time

The World Languages Department at Darlington School seeks an experienced Spanish teacher beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. A Darlington teacher fully supports the mission and values of the school and has the primary responsibility for creating the best student experience possible in support of the school’s learning framework, The Cycle of Learning. The candidate should value the craft of teaching as much as the skills and content being learned, and would join a dynamic environment of teaching professionals who are continuously growing and collaborating.


The candidate must demonstrate language fluency and knowledge of best teaching practices as outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The candidate must have a genuine appreciation and passion for teaching children and a desire to work with all types of learners. Preference will be given to teachers who are native speakers or have international experience and can support other programs within the World Language department. 

The ideal candidate will have classroom teaching experience and hold a relevant degree in the content area and/or teaching (master’s degree preferred). Darlington seeks candidates who can contribute to and will support the academic and extracurricular life of the Upper School. Preference will be given to teachers who can fulfill an extracurricular need of the school, such as coaching a sport or academic team, or leading an extracurricular activity such as fine arts or community service.



The clearest set of expectations for a Darlington teacher is fully described as our Academic Standards, which are highlighted below:

  • Course Design 
    • Designs a course backwards from a given skills-based curriculum map and uses a wide range of assessment tools to measure progress against learning goals.
    • Designs lessons for students to actively learn skills using the Darlington model of Discovery, Application, and Reflection.
  • Course Build
    • Course is built on consistent structure, layout, and communication using developmentally appropriate routines and practices which foster independence, confidence, and flexible pacing as well as promotes physical, social, and emotional safety and wellness.
  • Teaching
    • Builds an authentic relationship with each student as the cornerstone of learning experience.
    • Approaches the practice of teaching and learning with a growth mindset and always acts professionally and holds high expectations for him/herself. 
    • Facilitates the needs of individual learners in a safe and active learning environment.
    • Communicates effectively and uses technology proficiently.
  • World Languages
    • Experienced with or willing to learn teaching methods that support Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) and Comprehensible Input (CI) versus a focus on teaching vocabulary lists and grammar points.
    • Provides students with explicit, highly engaging instruction through the use of research-based teaching strategies, authentic communication, and comprehensible input as both the means and the end of instruction.
    • Supports the school’s goal to use language immersion in the classroom, projects and presentations.
    • Provides individual, group and project-based learning instruction designed to meet diverse individual needs and helps students be successful and independent learners.


Core Responsibilities

  • Five classes (two or three class preparations)
  • Office Hours
  • Regular student feedback (grades, attendance, comments, etc)
  • Advising students (6-10)
  • Two iPeriods each quarter
  • Various other responsibilities may include writing student recommendations, weekly faculty meetings or professional learning communities, substituting, committee meetings, professional development, weekend/campus activities, campus events (i.e. parents weekend, admission, etc)
  • Coaching or leading other extracurricular activities is generally expected of teaching faculty

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